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In support to regularly given trainings, the FFPE is publishing various books.

They are available at the bookshops (eventually on order with the ISBN number).

And exclusively for our members, we have them available at our secretariat at reduced price.

The numerical and verbal reasoning test seems to be, statistically speaking, the one which gives the most troubles to candidates. Therefore, it was important to the FFPE to make available to its members, in addition to the trainings, a clear, precise and detailled learning tool in order to prepare themselves at home.

EN : N° ISBN-13 : 2-9600607-2-5

Bookshop and non-member price: 15,00 €

Member Price: 10,00 €

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The book "Succeding in the EU Oral Examinations " is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the EU Oral Examinations process. The oral examinations are probably the most subjective and difficult stage in the EU competition, since candidates have to answer a series of questions with precision in a limited amount of time.

It is particularly relevant for:

1. Candidates preparing themselves for the final and more decisive part of the examinations for entry to the EU civil service.

2. Candidates applying for positions in EU-related organisations who wish to gain a working knowledge of the EU issues and to prepare for the interview.

The book includes a series of questions which are closely modelled on those put forward in the EU Oral Examinations, while the brief indicative answers pinpoints the purpose behind the questions.

Remember that only the best prepared candidates are succeeding.

EN: ISBN-13 Nr.: 978-296006-07-37

(Bookshop recommended price : 16,00 € - Member Price: 10,00 €)


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We also have the hereunder ORSEU books, we do have some at our secretariat at a special price for our members.



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