How to join


Why should you join the FFPE?



This is a good question. Why should you join a trade-union at the Commission and why the FFPE?

As a matter of fact, if you consult the other websites of the different trade-unions at the Commission, you will always find more or less the same dialogue, with the same claims, the same offered advantages if you ever planned to become a member, etc...

Why the FFPE rather than another union then?

You would like to join a Union at the Commission? To do so you have to trust the persons who compose it. In the FFPE Commission Luxembourg section we are ready to meet you and to discuss of this subject in front of a cup of coffee.

Click on the button "Who are we?" on the menu above; we do not have any problems to show us and to make us know. So, do not hesitate to contact us in order to ask us all you would like to ask and, by the way, have a nice visit on our website.



How to join?



In order to join the FFPE, please download this document (in French and English), and follow its instructions.




Thank you for your confidence.