The FFPE gives a high importance to this subject. Along the years, we multiplied actions and tracts in order to have better travel conditions for all our colleagues.

You will find hereunder some of our communications.


Flash info

Concerning mobility ...


HR/OIL launches car-sharing with colleagues

We can only congratulate our employer for this initiative. Whenever you missed the announcement and you cannot retrieve the webpage, you can copy and paste this link:
in the address bar of your intranet screen. Attention, this link only works on the Commission intranet, so do not try it from outside the Commission except if you are teleworking.


2014 jobkart

Whenever you didn't have time to pick up your new jobkaart, it is still available by the competent OIL office.


Our petition to make smaller the Drosbach building D wing parking speed bumps

Following a staff request, the FFPE asked to OIL to make smaller the speed bumps installed in the D wing parking. We collected more than 170 signatures.


Jobkaart and European school of Mamer: the FFPE keeps you informed

(Read our tract, in French and English)


The arrival of the M-PASS at the Commission

the tract of list 1 about the M-Pass (during LSC 2013 election).

(Read our tract (in English))


Our tract for mobility

In order to allow to all the Commission staff in Luxembourg to travel for free

(Read our tract)


If you'd like to know more about the jobkaart and the other available cards, visit the City of Luxembourgwebsite (in French).

Once you are connected on this site, click on "Mobility", then click on "Autobus", then click on "Billets, tarifs et points de vente" and then on "Jobkaart".

In order to see the route map for short-distance bus travel calculation, check this document.