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Our December newsletter

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What are the ongoing consultations?

CA GIPs (contractual agents' general implementation procedure)

The latest meeting was held on November the 9th, consultations are still ongoing...

Internal competitions open to Contract Agents

The next meeting will take place on November the 26th...

Technical consultation about Learning and Development

Last meeting was held on November the 6th. The text was adopted by the representatives OSP.


The next meeting is foreseen for November the 24th.

Teleworking and Part-Time Working

Consultations are still ongoing... Next meeting will be held on November 24th

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Payment of social assistance to certain Commission staff employed in Luxembourg.

Commission Decision C(2015) 4907 of 22 July 2015 provides for the payment of social assistance to those Commission agents employed in Luxembourg whose net salary is lower than that received by a qualified employee earning the minimum wage in Luxembourg.
This measure is based on a detailed comparison between the personal situation of each staff member employed in Luxembourg and the hypothetical situation in which the same staff member were to be employed under Luxembourg law and receive the statutory minimum wage for a qualified worker.
With the Decision published below, the Director-General in charge of Human Resources and Security adopts the elements to consider when calculating the reference amount for each staff member and the corresponding statutory minimum wage in Luxembourg (read the Annex, in French only).


What is doing your trade union for you? As it was foreseen, we are coming back to ongoing consultations.

Concerning the new learning and development strategy, the participating OSP rejected the text proposed by DG HR, who told they will come back with a new version. To be continued...

CA GIPs (contractual agents general implementation procedure):
As it was supposed to be, the discussions are lasting for ages. We are progressing on an average of 1 article per 3 hours and continuing that pace will jeopardize the consultation achievement before the end of the year. As it would be too heavy to summarize all the discussions in this article, the FFPE decided to organize information meetings in Luxembourg. The first one will be held soon and an invitation will be sent by internal electronic mail.



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What is doing your trade union for you?

The return from the summer holidays starts in a busy way. Two majors' administrative consultations are foreseen:

On Thursday 10 September, Tuesday 22 September and Thursday 1 October will be held the consultations about GIP (general implementation procedure) concerning contractual agents.

On Monday 14 September, it will be an administrative consultation about learning regarding texts and especially the setup of DG HR new learning and development strategy.

The FFPE is going to these negotiations and insofar as possible, we will keep you informed of the results. Nevertheless it has to be known than most of the time; these discussions extend lately and do not bring results commensurate with their length.


June 2015 Brussels LSC elections

In June 2015 took place the Brussels LSC elections. Although it doesn't seem to concern Luxembourg, it has to be known that this election have a big importance for the Commission at central level. Indeed the biggest part of Commission officials and agents is working in Brussels. By following this link you will have access to the resulting trade-unions representativeness table.

The first thing which can be noted is the constant advancement from this trade-union whose name begins with a G. This one is winning more and more representativeness and consequently more and more seats in consultations with DG HR.

From our point of view it is a good thing to have seats in these consultations and that is why we always attend to them. We consequently think that every trade-union should do the same.

Concerning the result itself, the FFPE has gained enough representativeness to continue to be independent. This is a goal we will try to keep achieved.

And last but not least, if you look carefully to the table, it is interesting to see that there are now two USL trade-unions in Luxembourg. One USFL which remains in its federal structure and one USL which took apart and joined the Alliance of free and independents trade unions. It is funny to see that the old warring brothers are now together in the same trade-unions gathering.


Promotions: the tract of our FFPE Council colleagues

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Our flash info: Are you insufficient?

Read our flash info from 16 March 2015 : Are you insufficient? (The text is in French but some attached documents are in English)...


Contractual agents in Luxembourg general assembly

Read the text which gave the bases of the discussion (in French only).


JMO leave

Read the official statement from the Commission about the JMO leave.


JSIS: the tract of our FFPE Council colleagues

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Recruitment, posting and career policy for contract staff

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Open letter to Mrs. Geogieva

Read our open letter sent to our VP Mrs. Georgieva.


News from our FFPE EPO colleagues

For your information, here is the end 2014 report from our FFPE EPO colleagues...


Collective pleas

In order to be informed about collective pleas at Commission central level and inter institutional level, check this link (in French).
The FFPE Luxembourg section also gave its financial support to 3 pleas concerning our contractual agent's colleague in Luxembourg. Will keep you inform about the outcome...


Promotion exercise 2015

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Precautionary strike notice for January and February 2015...

Following the huge success of end 2014 strikes which reached the participation of 80 strikers out of a population of 3900 civil servants and agents, some OSP’s have chosen to strike again in January and February 2015. The FFPE didn’t join this action since we are convinced of its uselessness. More over during the meeting between the Luxembourg LSC and DG HR on 11th of December 2014, Mrs Georgieva has clearly expressed her willingness to find a solution to the contractual agents problem in Luxembourg, who are paid under the below the minimum legal wages. Consequently, according to us, it is important to let some time going in order to see what will be the proposals which will arrived.

Logos war?

It is interesting to see than among the logos which are on the strike notice, only three of them (at the second line) are representatives OSP’s in Luxembourg. It is so touching to see how Brussels colleagues who are usually so distant from Luxembourg are supporting the movement. Unless it is to become familiar with these logos in case they will appear on electoral posters for the next LSC election in Luxembourg.
If you’d like to know more about representatives OSP at the Commission, simply check this document.


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