2018 News and Tracts



Read our tract concerning the destruction of the old JMO building. (in French only).


The FFPE contributed to the writing and to the sending of this tract about " Junior Professionals " program.


Here is the conference which was held by our colleagues of Brussels concerning the Belgian law of succession and its implications for officials and other EU staff.


The FFPE Luxembourg invite you to watch this conference organized for the Women International day occasion. (in French only).


The FFPE Luxembourg section participated to the sending of this tract affecting the labour relations reform. (in French only).


Just this once won't hurt; the FFPE organized a conference in German language for the attention of our German speaking colleagues ...


The FEDERATION offers you the newsletter from the cabinet Lallemand & Legros working with our organization. Some of their lawyers are freely at the disposal for our members ...


Here is an administrative concertation request sent by the "Front Commun".


The FEDERATION offers you to share the point of view of a lawyer from Lallemand & Legros cabinet with whom our organization is working on the possible impact of Brexit on officials and other agents. Some lawyers in this cabinet give free consultation to our members. This file is published in the Review Europe, number 2 of February 2018, pp 20-24. (in French only).


International women's day.

Read our tract...


Need to ensure the effective rebuttal of defamatory attacks on the institutions and their staff by anti‐European lobbyists and media.

Read our tract...


Our January 2018 newsletter

Read our January 2018 newsletter. It is worth noting than the link to the video in first page does not work, but you will still be able to see it by checking our previous information...


Our video recording of the conference : "The UK ‐ EU future relations ‐ Current situation and Next steps"

Click here to see our video ...


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