Press review 2014


Press review 2014 (and before)...

[November 2014] "European Union", "Dublin 2", "Eurodac", obviously, the "Canard enchaîné" loves particulary the Commission in this begining of November. This quite disturbing article (in French), concerns the migrants problem...

[November 2014] The JMO building in "le Canard enchaîné". Read this article (in French), in order to discover our international reputation.

[October 2014] The result obtained by the BCEE to the Europeans banks comprehensive assessment (in French).

[September 2014] An article found in "l'essentiel" about flat rents in Luxembourg (in French).

[August 2014] Real estate market research public notice (in French).

[July 2014] A web article concerning an informatic intrusion in the BCE (in French only).

[July 2014] The JMO informer struck again in "l'Essentiel" (in French).

[July 2014] "L'Essentiel" is always up to date with the JMO condition, as it is proved with this small article (in French only).

[July 2014] And the 4th of July, an article found in the Luxembourgish newspaper "Le Quotidien", about the same subject than hereunder (in French only).

[July 2014] A small paragraph found the 3rd of July in "L'Essentiel", who obviously knows very well what's happen in the JMO (in French only).

[june 2014] Here is an article found in the Luxembourgish newspaper "Le Quotidien", concerning life condition for our colleagues Contractual Agents in Luxembourg (in French only).

[June 2014] Strangely, a few days after the publication of the article hereunder, the same newspaper published this one saying exactly the contrary. (in French only).

[June 2014] One more article about cost of living in Luxembourg (in French only).

[May 2014] Read the comments of the "bruxelles2" website concerning datas which shoulden't have been on the web (in French only).

[May 2014] Another article on the same subject.

[October 2013] An article found in "L'Essentiel" and concerning the CPE (in French).

[January 2013] This article found in the French newspaper Libération is not concerning the Commission, but the Court or Auditors (in French).

[November 2012] The new 2014 staff regulation in "le Canard Enchaîné" (in French).

[July 2011] A short article found in "le Canard Enchaîné" concerning our salaries (in French).

[June 2010] An interesting article about Luxembourg position among the most expensive cities in the world (in French only).